Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental work that improves the appearance & function of a person's teeth

Tooth Whitening

whitens your teeth for shiny presentable smile

Dental Jewels

Original Dental Jewels for your teeth; get a sparkle in your smile!

Orthodontic Treatment

The Most Efficient and Accurate way of moving Teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Removal of inflamed & Damaged tissue from inside a tooth & cleaning

Oral & Maxillo Fascial Surgery

Removal of wisdom tooth and Jaw correction surgeries

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Smile Tips

Here are some tips you can use to brighten your smile when your pearly whites have lost their natural luster:
1. Try wearing sparkly white rhinestones and gleaming silver jewelry to make your teeth appear whiter. Avoid gold, which exaggerates any yellowish tones in teeth.

2. The simplest way to become pretty is by smiling, it affects your whole body in a way that simulates a feeling of happiness.

3. Wear red lipstick. Avoid coral and orange lipsticks which can make your teeth look yellow. Also choose dark lipstick colors with blue undertones to make your teeth appear whiter*. 

4. Try to avoid wearing white clothing, your smile will appear dull in contrast to your clothing.

5. Commit to the basics of brushing teeth twice a day for five minutes, yes five and floss once a day at least. See your dentist twice a year for cleaning and exams.

6. Know that by trying to whiten your teeth at home with toothpastes containing calcium peroxide, an abrasive scrubber that helps dissolve superficial stains, so teeth appear brighter but won't actually change the tooth color permanently.

7. Have your teeth professionally whitened, it only takes a few hours and can cost between Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 15,000/- and the results will last between 3-8 years.

8. If you smoke you need to see your dentist 4 times a year for dental cleaning.

9. Bleaching hair may make your smile appear dull.

10. Bleaching is like bleaching hair, if you are not committed to the upkeep there is no point in ever starting..

11. Try a electric toothbrush because people can be so untalented at brushing their teeth and it does all the work for you. 

12. Don't push too hard in order to avoid wearing off the enamel and exposing the dentin which may give teeth a yellowish color.

13. Dark foods stains your teeth try a stain proof eating plan: 
Go easy on coffee, tea, cola, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, blueberries, red wine, cranberry juice, grape juice and tomato sauce. Tea is the worse for staining, brush...brush...brush. If you do brush teeth right away and use a straw.
Instead try.... water, grapefruit juice, ginger ale, chamomile tea, white wine vinegar, olive oil and white meat.*
Don't drink red wine after bleaching!

14. Stop smoking because tobacco is one of the biggest offenders in ruining white smiles due to staining.

15. Be careful of hot and cold foods that can change the temperature of your teeth which may cause your teeth to expand and contract allowing stains to penetrate your teeth.

17. Avoid foods that are acidic. They open up the pores of the tooth enamel, allowing stains to more easily move into your teeth.

18. Don't forget that bad breath can keep others from enjoying your smile. 85% of bad breath comes from bacteria on your tongue. The best tool for cleaning is a tongue scraper, which will get rid of the odor causing bacteria that your toothbrush missed.

19. Once have your gorgeous smile, you want to keep it that way so, a smart move is to get a dental checkup and cleaning every 4-6 months

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